About me

Hi there! I am Niels Donkers from The Hague in The Netherlands and on this website I want to give you an impression about my photography hobby.

As you will notice in my portfolio, the kind of photography I like the most is urban exploration (urbex) photography. This basically means taking photos of abandoned buildings and structures.
What fascinates me the most about urban exploration is the experience of going into an abandoned place and to discover it. It is amazing to see that what was left abandoned by human will be taken back by nature over time, leaving no or only little traces of the life that once flourished there. Walking around in an abandoned place makes you question “why was it abandoned?” or “what did life look like before here?”. This makes documenting these places as a photographer very interesting. The end-result is a special kind of photos; not only something for the eye, but also for the mind…
Apart from urban exploring photography, I do photo shootings (models, cars and motorcycles), architecture, nature and food photography. So now and then I also try kinds of photography which I have never done before to explore new possibilities and to gain more experience.
If you like my portfolio and want to get in touch or if you want to use one or more photos for a publication, please contact me.