First impression of the Nikon D7100

Since I have my Nikon D7100 for almost one week, I thought that it is time to post my first impression here.

DSC_0109I have to say that the camera meets my expectations till now, especially when it comes to the auto-focus system. With my 24-70mm f/2.8 (my favorite) I am able to shoot with a wide-open aperture and the focus is never off, even in low(er) light conditions. This is a big improvement coming from the Nikon D5100.

When it comes to quality, the photos are way clearer and sharper than the photos I took with the Nikon D5100. This could be because the sensor has a bigger resolution and does not have an optical low-pass filter, but I think the better auto-focus system also plays a role.

On the left, I attached a photo I took (part of a new portfolio theme) with the Nikon D7100 and the 24-70mm f/2.8. I shot this photo at ISO 500, 1/125s, f/4.

Apart from the auto-focus system and the better image quality, I am already getting used to the additional functions the camera body offers, like the depth of field preview (and also flash preview), a secondary command dial and a secondary LCD display. It might seem like it is not so much more, but it really helps setting up the camera easier and quicker.

In my first week of owning the Nikon D7100 I experimented with the Nikon SB700 using the Nikon D7100’s flash commander mode. Being able to use the Nikon SB700 off-camera, without firing (or in cooperation with) the built-in flash, offers a lot more possibilities in photo-shoots and I a definitely trying that out in the near future.

What I read about the Nikon D7100 before buying it, was that the buffer is too small for shooting fast. The buffer actually is small compared to other Nikon cameras, but in the first week trying out the Nikon D7100 doing some travelling-, floral- and fireworks photography, I did not find any situation where I was hindered by this and I was even using the 10 MB/s SD-card I still had from the Nikon D5100, slowing down the camera’s speed to way below 1 fps after its buffer is full. With the SanDisk Extreme Pro (at 95 MB/s) I am using now, I can continue at up to 3 fps after the camera’s buffer is full, which is much better, but anyway still fast enough for my kind of photography.

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