Gare de Hombourg

Gare de Hombourg was built in 1895 as the main train station of the Belgian town of Hombourg. During the Second World War, the station was claimed by the Germans. It took some months before it could be used, because the Belgian army blew the railway tunnel close to the train station, but eventually it was part of the Deutsche Reichsbahn and provided six connections per day to the German city of Aachen. After the war it was reused by the Belgian railway company, who replaced the German signs again by Belgian ones.

In 1957 the station was closed for passenger transport and the freight line was closed not much later, in 1962.

After being left abandoned for 19 years, Gare de Hombourg was bought in 1981 by an individual who had plans to start a railway museum. Up to the present day, he turned the old station into a restaurant and he restored a couple of carriages, but there is obviously a lot of work left to do…