Louwman car museum

I guess that every photographer knows this phenomenon; you play around with your camera a bit, change some settings here and there and then put the camera back in its bag. A while after that, just after you have been taking photos for half a day, you discover that you forgot to change a critical parameter back to how you always have it setup, ruining the photos you just took…

Last weekend I had this problem with the quality settings on my Nikon D7100. Normally I shoot my photos in RAW, but because I was trying to see how the camera does its maximum FPS-rate I left the quality setting on JPEG.

The stupidity was in the point where I discovered it. I visited the Louwman car museum in The Hague and took my camera. After taking photos of the amazing cars in the museum I discovered the error in the quality setting only while drinking a cup of coffee just before going home again. This meant that I shot all the photos in JPEG instead of RAW!

The photos are still photos, but the flexibility of correcting the white balance and lighting is not as big for a JPEG file as it is for a RAW file. Additionally, because of the lighting conditions in the museum, I had to shoot with ISO ranges from 1600 to 4000 and sometimes I had taken shots which I knew would look better if I corrected the shadows or highlights a bit. With the heavily reduced possibilities of doing this, I still managed to get some nice photos as end-result:

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