My first urban exploration trip to Belgium

As I moved from Southern Germany to The Netherlands early this year, one of my challenges was that I had to find a new buddy to do urban exploring with. After doing urban exploring with my friend Mario for about two years and later also with Dennis and Matthias, it seemed difficult to find people to share my passion for urban exploration photography with in a similar way.

Meeting and talking to other photographers I learned that there are two different kinds of urban exploration photographers; there are run-through photographers that spend short amounts of time in each location to visit as many locations as possible in one day and there are photographers – like me – that take the time to get to know the location and its past and to experience the location not only though a camera lens.

After searching for a while for a new buddy, I finally found someone (Theo) with whom I planned a day-trip to Belgium coming Sunday. Belgium is well-known for urban exploration and we have put a list together with over twelve different locations. Probabely we will not be able to enter them all, but at least we have enough alternatives to return home with an interesting addition to our photographic documentation of abandoned places.

Anyway, keep my website in track to see the results of my first trip to Belgium!



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