New design

As of today, my website has a new design!

The goal of the design change was to make the website responsive, with a more minimalistic and sleek design. To reach this goal, I stayed with WordPress as content management system, but I changed the theme to the Pinboard theme. Additionally I did some modifications to the theme and I am using several different plugins to optimize the visitor’s experience and to increase the find-ability of my website.

Apart from the website, I have decided to do my urban exploration photos in a different way.
Until now, I have been doing urban exploration photography in HDR with a low-color tone mapping.
Because I am developing my photography style away from HDR, I decided to re-edit the photos and use them as single exposure photos without tone mapping.

This means that it might take a while before all the photos are online again, so keep my website in track for the newly edited photos!

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