Papeterie M

Papeterie M is part of an abandoned paper factory site somewhere in the Alsace region in France. This was the first paper mill, founded in 1713. In 1862, the company expanded with a secondary mill nearby (Papeterie M, Secteur F).

In 1961, the two mills were purchased by a large French stationery manufacturer. In January 1986, the two locations were combined to occupy a total area of about 25 hectares. At that time, the factory produced stationery products and was specialised in the recycling of paper, but due to disappointing sales results and the global financial crisis, it was closed in 2008.

In 2009, the plant was bought by a former chief executive of the stationery manufacturer and the plant was used again, but now for the manufacturing of recycled newspaper. Unfortunately (again due to disappointing sales results) the new company went bankrupt in 2011, selling off all its equipment to a Canadian company in the very same year.

In 2014, the security company that monitored the factory buildings sealed it off due to unpaid bills, totalling almost 100.000 Euros. The bills were never paid and the factory was left abandoned ever since.

Due to the area covered by this factory and its diversity, it was very interesting to take photos here, even though the factory buildings were largely empty.