Pflegeheim C

The Pflegeheim C, located in the German Black Forest, was built in 1907 as a tuberculosis treatment and nursing home. Until the clinic closed in 1973 over 28000 patients were treated or spent their last days at this facility. Between 1973 and 1998, the facility was used as a training facility for people with disabilities, specializing in occupational therapy and retraining. After this, the facility was sold to another company which intended to use it as a nursing home (Pflegeheim in German), but instead it was closed due to lack of funding. In 2001, the site was acquired by a consulting firm and in 2009 by a Serbian businessman, who disappeared and is currently being pursued by both the local municipality and his lawyer for unpaid fees and taxes.

In 2012, one of the buildings (which was still being used as an apartment building) caught fire. The building was saved, but it suffered water and smoke damage and had to be closed as well.

This facility compromises several buildings from different periods in time, which was interesting to see. Also walking through an apartment building which has been on fire is an impressive experience.