The shortest urbex trip ever

The actual taking photos of abandoned locations is mostly only a part of the work that has to be done in urban exploration. It all starts with the preparation of gear and routes. There have to be enough alternative locations to visit, because in average more than half of the locations that are on the route can not be entered.

I have seen locations with renovation work in progress or already fully renovated, locations that have been heavily fortified with barbed wire, razor wire, concrete blocks or wooden panels and locations that have been completely trashed or even demolished.

During our last tour in Belgium we tried to enter Manoir au Portraits through the backyard, when we noticed a person (probably the caretaker or owner) in a second building on the same property. We could not see what he was doing, but we thought he could be another photographer, so we just decided to walk in his field of view to see what will happen. It took him some time to realise that we were there and to get out of the building to yell at us in French. We decided not to run but to show our cameras (so that we were not identified as copper thieves or burglars) and to walk away slowly, making this the shortest (and funniest) urbex trip ever…

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