Train Graveyard R

Train Graveyard R is an abandoned railway yard somewhere in Belgium, where several locomotives and wagons are left to the elements of nature (and unfortunately also vandalism).

From when it was built in the late 1800’s until the First World War, the railway yard and its train station were part of the main railway line between the German Ruhrgebiet and Luxembourg. At the time, the line was mainly used for the extensive transport of coal, iron ore and steel (maybe even from or to Terre Rouge).

After the First World War, international relations changed, resulting in a decreasing importance of the railway line. In the Second World War, the railway line was an important target in the Battle of the Bulge, in which most of the bridges and tunnels were destroyed. In the first years after the war, passenger transport along the still intact or meanwhile repaired sections of the railway line ceased and also freight transport became decreasingly important.

The last freight train drove past this train station in 1989, but because of the presence of a company that refurbished old locomotives, the railway line remained in use. This was until the company went bankrupt in 2010, shutting down the railway line entirely and turning the railway yard into a train graveyard.