Why photo braincake?

Quite regularly I am asked why my website is called photo braincake, so hereby a short explanation about where this website got its name;

Some time ago (I think it was around 2003) I played the bass guitar in a rock/metal band.
One day we had to find a new name for the band, so we decided to take an English dictionary, scroll through the pages, stop on one page, pick a word and repeat this until we had a new name.

The first word turned out to be brain and the second was pie. We did not like brain pie that much, so we ended up changing it to braincake.

When I left the band and even after I stopped playing the bass guitar, I somehow kept braincake as a nickname for online gaming and forum profiles. Almost ten years after we picked the band name, when I was setting up this website, I thought about giving it some dull name like Niels Donkers photography, but it needed a name that sticks out a bit more, so I ended up using braincake for my photography website as well.


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